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Chartered Physiotherapist | HCPC Registered | Fully Insured | CSP and ACPSEM Member
CJ Physiotherapy is a global based company originating in the U.K. We provide client centred physiotherapy packages for sports organisers and sportspersons, participating in a variety of events, expeditions and competitions.

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Corinne Smith

Corinne Smith

COMPANY Director and Lead Physiotherapist

Corinne is a Chartered Physiotherapist based in the UK and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy from The University of Nottingham. Corinne is a keen sportsperson herself; her personal interest in this field is embodied by her passion for musculoskeletal and sports injuries work.

Corinne has worked within many sporting areas including: championship football clubs, National Rugby Union, marathons, triathlons and cycling events. Events and acute physiotherapy are her main passion as she understands how important pre, during and post treatment can be through these challenging times.

About Us

CJ Physiotherapy’s work is specifically aimed at sporting environments and events around the world. From trekking the Himalayas to cycling through the jungle, our services are exclusively tailored to individual events, expeditions, competitions or contests. We facilitate our provision in diverse locations and environments, specialising in traversing difficult terrain in remote locations. This enables us to provide unequivocal services in a range of global settings. ​

Our philosophy invests in a proactive approach, educating clients in their overall health and physical wellbeing in conjunction with treatment programmes. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through expedient treatment.

Working alongside athletes, competitors, sportspersons and weekend warriors alike, CJ Physiotherapy offers preventative, proactive, recovery and educational treatment programmes.

Event Clinics
Events clinics are designed to promote and facilitate physiotherapy and first aid provisions. This enables sports persons, participants, racers and clients to achieve (in a safe environment) optimal physical preparation and maintenance in keeping with their chosen sport, event and location. Offering event support in a multitude of events, from half day races to stage races: in the most diverse and remotest of locations and environments across the globe.

Here at CJ Physiotherapy, we have travelled extensively and worked with various event organisers. We understand the terrains that events can bring with them, the risks that may be encountered and the importance of getting help and support from a healthcare professional as soon as able.

We work alongside the organisers of events to ensure both the event and participants receive an exclusive, tailored physiotherapy package. Offering physiotherapy provisions to a wide variety of sporting and charity events, weekend retreats, tours, treks and training sessions.

We can cater for half or full day events, stage races, endurance events, charity events, sports & charity matches, yoga retreats and many more.
For further information, please contact us so we can assist in designing a programme specific to your needs.

‘Therapy Bed’ Haputale, Sri Lanka. Due to the remote locations that we work in and the limitations that this may cause, the environment has to be used to your advantage! Rumble In The Jungle, 2017.
Working with a client. MTB Himalaya, 2017.
CJ Physiotherapy offer a variety of services aimed specifically at what your event and participants need and want. We provide risk assessments, first aid, acute and sports physiotherapy; working alongside the support crew for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries, along with maintenance packages for treatments only.

All of our packages are tailored specifically to the sporting area and location that we are working in. We recognise the intensity of competitive and endurance sporting events and therefore offer the following (including, but not limited to);

  • Acute and wilderness first aid
  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of acute, subacute and chronic injuries
  • Educational resources and advice
  • Exercise therapy including strength and conditioning
  • Expedition physiotherapy
  • Manual Therapy (manipulation, massage, mobilisations and other soft tissue therapy)
  • Rehabilitation including preventative
  • Risk analysis

For more information regarding tailored packages specific for your event, please contact us here.

Corinne was part of the official race crew; making sure I would be in a fit and ridable state the next morning, no matter how badly battered I came in. I had the inevitable “hanging upside down from a tree on a cliff face” crash, and what looked like a sprain was diagnosed (correctly) by Corinne. I would go as far as saying that without the sessions and the personal attention, I would definitely not have finished the stages. Her personal and friendly style of working, is to her credit and for the benefit of her “patients”.

Gautam Chima

MTB Himalaya 2017

Corinne is the quintessential mark and hard worker that a mountain bike race needs. She was the official physiotherapist for the 13th Hero MTB Himalaya – one of the hardest races in the world and she did a fine job of making sure the riders were well recovered after each stage . Not just that but her super awesome and pleasing personality brought such a good vibe at the camp – always willing to help and care.

Ashish Sood

Race Communication Officer and Organiser, MTB Himalaya

First and foremost Corinne is a very good communicator, she is able to listen attentively and provide explanations on what the problem is, treat it accordingly, and also what can be done in my own time to recover for the next stage of the race. All these traits together with Corinne’s professional behavior make her a very good physiotherapist

Neil Reynolds
Rumble In The Jungle 2017

Corinne was extremely helpful in my ability to soldier on through a 4-day endurance saga called Rumble in the Jungle.  Her professionalism and expertise was evident when I had some trouble with my knees.  She easily pinpointed the problem areas, worked through them with me and ultimately helped me perform at my best.  Thanks for all the support and golden hands!

Dan Stauthamer
Rumble In The Jungle 2017

Expedition Physiotherapy and wilderness first aid at its most remote. Yak Attack, 2017.
Upcoming Events

MTB Himalaya

28th September – 7th October

Yak Attack, Nepal

3rd November – 16th November 2017


Pokhara IV, Nepal

11th Feb – 16th Feb 2018

Rumble in the Jungle, Sri Lanka

The view from my “Office” in Haputale, Sri Lanka. Rumble In The Jungle, 2017.
What are Physiotherapists?
Physiotherapists are health care professionals who specialise in neuro-musculoskeletal anatomy. They assess and diagnose patients and treat injury, illness, disability and disease through physical methods such as: advice, education, movement, exercise and manual therapy.

The title of ‘Physiotherapist’ is a protected professional title. Anybody that is practicing under this MUST have been to university and gained a degreed in Physiotherapy, undertake regular training, treat with the latest evidence based practice and be registered with the HCPC.

How much will it cost?
The cost of risk analysis, physiotherapy, medical and first aid packages will vary event to event. The costs depend on the package that is required, the location and the duration of the event. Please contact us for a no obligation quote specific to your needs and requirements.
How will this help me and / or my event?

Helps Event Organisers:

  • Instill and provide a trusted and safe environment for their participants, events team and crew; in even the most remote of environments
  • Offers something unique
  • Encourages proactive treatment and health maintenance
  • Increases fundraising potential
  • Increase positivity and promotes positive mental attitudes in their participants
  • Improves event and expedition safety

Helps Participants:

  • Receive quick and safe treatment of acute injuries
  • Feel reassured that their individual medical needs can be addressed ASAP by a qualified professional
  • Trust that a health care professional is on board; for those ‘in case of emergency’ situations
  • Cool down and warm up effectively
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Maintain motivation
  • Increase movements and endurance
Helping Paws aims to alleviate the suffering of animals through education, veterinary action and community participation.We donate 5% of all profits to Helping Paws.
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional body and trade union for Physiotherapists in the UK.
The Association supports Chartered Physiotherapists who are interested in and/or work in Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM)
The Health and Care Professions Council is a statutory regulator of professionals from health and care professions in the UK.
Bag drop and riders before day 2’s stage race in Haputale. Rumble In The Jungle, 2017.
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